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Policegiri movie review

Cast:Sanjay Dutt, Prachi Desai, Prakash Raj

Director: K S Ravikumar

Produced by: T.P. Aggarwal, Rahul Aggarwal

Written by: Farhad-Sajid (dialogues)

Story by: Hari

Starring: Sanjay Dutt, Prakash Raj, Prachi Desai

Music by: Himesh Reshammiya, Meet Bros Anjjan

Cinematography: N. K. Ekambaram

Editing by: Samjith MHD

Distributed by: STAR Entertainment

Release date: 5 July 2013

For a film that is as spectacularly dumb, Policegiri makes far too much noise. The actors holler at the top of their voices, the action sequences are mind-numbingly silly, the background score can pierce through any cotton-wool shield, and the storyline is all sound and fury, and little else.

It is the sort of film in which the stuntmen get more play than any of the principal characters. The latter merely walk in and out of the picture, setting the stage for one violent confrontation after another.

Bodies and vehicles fly through obstructions, but the musclemen who bear the brunt of the action director’s imagination keep multiplying until the time the audience is ready to drop in disgust.

Policegiri is an attempt to cash in on the fact that Bollywood Actor Sanjay Dutt is in the news these days. The reasons are wrong in both cases.



Postmortem report confirms Bollywood actress Jiah Khan died of hanging

Postmortem report of Jiah Khan has concluded that the Bollywood actress died due to hanging and no external injuries were found on her body, police said on Wednesday.

“The postmortem report has found that the death of Jiah Khan was due to hanging and no other external wounds were found,” they said.

Jiah (25) hanged herself at her residence in western Mumbai on June 3, allegedly over broken relationship with aspiring actor Suraj Pancholi, son of actor couple Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab.

Police are yet to verify if the letter was indeed written by Jiah and are awaiting report of handwriting experts.


Actress Jiah Khan

“Justice For Jiah Khan” On Facebook

To get justice for the Bollywood actress Jiah Khan death a Facebook page has been created. Title “Justice for Jiah Khan”, the page was launched on Monday and now it has more than 2000+ likes and comments. The page has been supported by many Bollywood artistes and media professionals.


The page states that Jiah’s suicide was completely sudden, unexpected and uncalled for. She was a strong, determined person and it is obvious there is much more than what meets the eye. LIKE this page and leave your comments to ensure that the truth prevails.

Cops get report on alleged abortion Suraj Pancholi will go to jail till June 27

Suraj Pancholi, charged with the abetment of actress Jiah Khan’s suicide, has been sent to judicial custody and will go to jail till June 27, a Mumbai court ruled today.


The medical reports related to actress Jiah Khan’s alleged abortion have been received from a hospital were the procedure was conducted, the police said here on Wednesday, June 12.

“There have been no new developments so far. We have received the medical reports from the hospital where the foetus was aborted,” said a police officer.

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In court, Mr Pancholi’s lawyer argued that the letter found after Ms Khan’s death does not name his client.

Ms Khan’s mother, Rabiya Amin Khan, alleges that the six-page letter written by the young actor proves that she was driven to suicide by a messy love affair. “The letter does not have a name, so who it is addressed to is something you can only ask Jiah. But because of the incidents in the past and what she told me, all of these things point out to Suraj Pancholi,” she said to reporters on Monday (June 10, 2013).