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Finally Salman Khan breaks his silence on Jiah and Suraj Love Affair

Salman Khan is upset as he feels he’s been unnecessarily dragged into the controversy involving the late actor Jiah Khan and her boyfriend Suraj Pancholi. In an interview to a tabloid, Jiah’s mother Rabiya Khan had said that Salman had asked Aditya Pancholi’s son Suraj to break his relationship with Jiah.

And now Sallu has finally broken his silence on the entire episode saying he has his own life and problems to look after. “I was not even aware of Suraj and Jiah’s relationship. I got to know of it through a news magazine,” clarified the 47-year-old star. Salman also maintains that his sympathies are with Jiah’s family but he is upset over Rabiya’s claims.

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“Justice For Jiah Khan” On Facebook

To get justice for the Bollywood actress Jiah Khan death a Facebook page has been created. Title “Justice for Jiah Khan”, the page was launched on Monday and now it has more than 2000+ likes and comments. The page has been supported by many Bollywood artistes and media professionals.


The page states that Jiah’s suicide was completely sudden, unexpected and uncalled for. She was a strong, determined person and it is obvious there is much more than what meets the eye. LIKE this page and leave your comments to ensure that the truth prevails.

Suraj Pancholi in Police remand for her Girlfriend Suicide

Suraj, son of actor couple Aditya Pancholi and Zarina Wahab, was yesterday arrested after being booked under IPC Section 306 for allegedly abetting Jiah’s suicide.

Seeking his custody, police told the court that they have recovered five love letters exchanged between Suraj and Jiah and they wanted to verify the contents.

Public Prosecutor A.K. Pacharane said that the CCTV footage of the hotel and house has been recovered and also added that there were serious allegations of threat, assault and rape against Suraj.

In the remand application the prosecution sector said that a distressed Bollywood Actress Jiah had aborted their baby and this aspect too needed to be probed.

Accepting the arguments, Magistrate remanded Suraj in police custody till June 13 rejecting his lawyer Zameer Khan’s contention saying that the Jiah note did not name Suraj and was not signed by her.

Defense counsel said that the note was found after three days after Jiah death and not immediately.

Zameer Khan also claimed that 21 year old Suraj could not have given any commitment to 25 year old Jiah during their short term relationship of just 6 to 8 months.

“Jiah was obsessive and possessive…it does not mean Suraj should be pinned,” he said.

He also mentioned that the actress was a troubled child and was in depression for many years.

The defense told the court that statements of 23 witnesses have been recorded and gadgets of Suraj have already been impounded by police.

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5 love letters flipped of Suraj Pancholi’ closet in Jiah suicide case

Suraj Pancholi, Jiah Khan Boyfriend to be in police custody till tomorrow.

Police has found five love letters that has been exchanged between Jiah Khan and Suraj Pancholi in a search operation that was held at the latter’s residence on Tuesday. The police have also discovered some medical documents from Jiah’s house. Now, the police at their fast in verifying the documents.

In the meantime, Andheri Metropolitan court has remanded Pancholi in Police custody till June 13.

Additional commissioner of Police, Vishwas Nangre Patil said that, ““We have lodged a case and arrested Pancholi on the charge of abetment suicide considering Jiah‘s mother Rabiya’s statement and the six-page suicide note written by the actor. We are verifying the letter with the help of handwriting and forensic experts.”

A police official also said that, “We are checking with the hospital where she had taken medical treatment and trying to find out about her abortion.” Police department is investing more on the words like rape, assault, torture, cheating and abortion and they are not going to leave any stone unturned to get to the bottom of the case.

Rabiya claimed that Suraj and Jiah were in a live-in relationship for the past one year and alleged that Suraj must have assaulted her as was evident by the bruises on her chin and neck.

suraj pancholi arrest photos“We are verifying whether Suraj assaulted her or not. We are waiting for the post mortem and forensic reports which may throw light on the fact. Rabiya also claimed Suraj had promised Jiah that he would marry her,” said another officer. “We are also trying to figure out whether Suraj had actually hit Jiah on the day of the incident and whether she was upset after Suraj sent her a ‘break-up bouquet’ in the evening,”

“We are questioning Suraj’s servant Deva and several other people to know about their relationship,” the officer added.

However, till now, the police have not checked the messages in Jiah’s two mobile phones as they have not been able to crack the password. “The messages will help us to get more information about them. We have engaged experts to open the boxes,” he added.