Is Anushka Sharma dating Virat Kohli?

The two can’t be just ‘good friends’ – after all, no two young and glam people will spend all their time together if there was nothing brewing, hai na?

We told you how Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli have been bonding big time. The duo came together for a shampoo commercial and since then they have been seen with each other fairly often. In fact, just a few days ago the young cricketer was spotted with Ms Sharma in her SUV and they were totally engrossed, talking animatedly to each other. And now we hear that before leaving for South Africa, Virat paid a visit to the Band Baaja Baaraat actor at her home. Our khufiya khabroo says, “It was around 10.45 pm when the cricketer and the actress walked out of the lift on the second floor parking area of the building.”

And that’s not all. Before saying a final goodbye, Anushka and Virat shared a kiss – we were peeking, we must admit. Ahem..ahem! Looks like the couple is very fond of each other, no? With the way things are going between the two, we aren’t sure if they can be called ‘just friends’ or ‘good friends’, with a few winks and nudges attached.

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