Shruti Haasan: Stalker never approached me or my staff for job

Bollywood Actress Shruti Haasan on Monday rubbished her stalker’s claim that he visited the actress’ residence in Bandra to seek a job for his brother. The stalker is now under arrest and Shruti says she trusts the Mumbai police to take the best step. The 27-year-old daughter of veteran actors Kamal Haasan and Sarika, filed an FIR against the stalker after she answered the doorbell on the morning of Nov 19 and said he tried to barge into her house. However, the stalker has reportedly claimed that he didn’t intend to scare her.

“In all the time this man was on the set, he never approached me or my staff for a job. If he had approached us for a job we would have dealt with it appropriately,” Shruti said in a statement.

“But as a single woman living alone in Mumbai, I take serious offence to someone coming to my house and trying to barge through my door. I trust the Mumbai police will know best how to deal with such an act,” she added.




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