Poonam Pandey bags Rs 5 crore for an item song

Bollywood Celebrity Poonam Pandey may make big noises with her outrageous claims and wild pictures, but she should know where to draw the line when it comes to opening her mouth wide before quoting a random number as payment for her work.

Always in the news for her racy pictures that the babe uploads regularly on Twitter, Poonam now claims that she has bagged a hefty deal for doing an item song in a Kannada movie. It was even reported – quite frantically by some journalists – that the Pandey gal was paid Rs 5 crore for the special song. “I am not revealing what I got. But yes, when I heard the money that they were offering, I kind of fell back. I reeled back and gulped. I wondered if I had heard right. Utne paise toh heroines ko bhi nahin milte,” boasted Poonam with her trademark arrogance.

After her first film Nasha went unnoticed at the box office, Poonam is apparently trying every trick in the book to stay in public memory. Our buddies the birdies also inform us that she is not getting any meaty offers, as anticipated by the sex siren before the release of her debut movie. But Poonam has her take ready on all these reports. “After Nasha, where I had the author-backed central role, I didn’t want to do just a song and dance. But like I said, the money for that one number was more than what heroines get in Bollywood,” she repeated.



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