Is Sonam Kapoor In Love?

Yes, Sonam Kapoor has always maintained that she has never been to Spain and nor is she interested in Spanish. But, you know how these secret birdies are, right? They seemed to have sneaked and peeked and are now chirping that Sonam is dating a Spanish guy. Somehow, these alleged latest Bollywood Gossips of Sonam’s Barcelona-based romantic interest just don’t die down.

Buzz is that, recently, fusionist Sonam’s alleged new boyfriend accompanied her at an event hosted by Cecilia Morelli. Apparently, the guy is a businessman whose name is Sahir Berry. The style diva was earlier linked with Ranbir Kapoor and Punit Malhotra, both from the film industry. However, in her interviews, she’s maintained that she won’t date anyone from the film industry. So, we wonder if this pretty and sassy lass is actually dating a bizman! And if she is, then we wonder if we’ll get to see her basking in a bikini on a beach in Ibiza, like her alleged ex, Ranbir Kapoor and his current, Katrina Kaif. Wink, wink!

All said and done, Sonam says that she prefers Italian instead. Ahem! Looks like the style diva of Bollywood wants someone super-stylish imported from Milan (Italy), one of the fashion capitals in the world, as her better half!



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