Dengue affected Ranveer Singh shows no sign of improvement?

Ranveer Singh who was hospitalised with dengue on Thursday night is not showing any signs of improvement, more than 60 hours after he was first admitted to the Hinduja Surgical Health Care in Khar.

A friend of the actor told Mirror that he is currently kept in isolation and though doctors were contemplating shifting him to the Intensive Care Unit, they later decided against it.

“Ranveer’s platelet count is not improving and he is experiencing excruciating pain in his bones and severe bouts of shivering. His parents are keeping vigil but they too are not allowed to meet him,” said the source.

The 28-year-old was shooting in the coalmines of Durgapur, West Bengal, when he first contracted high fever. He ignored the ailment till the shoot’s wrap and was diagnosed with an advanced stage of dengue after he flew back to Mumbai.

“He didn’t pay much attention to it but if he was diagnosed two days earlier his condition may not have worsened the way it has,” added the source.

When we asked the source if Ranveer’s current flame Deepika Padukone has paid the ailing actor a visit, we were told, “She is currently in Goa, busy shooting for Homi Adajania’s film. But I guess she keeps herself updated about his condition.”


Ranveer Singh


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