Cops want Narco Test on Suraj Pancholi in Jiah Khan’s suicide

The police have requested Andheri Magistrate Court permission for conducting a narco test and at the same time they require Suraj’s consent to go ahead with it.

It looks like Jiah Khan Suicide case is not going to end anytime soon. The police custody of Suraj Pancholi has extended upto July 11 and might have to undergo Narco-analysis test. Yesterday Mumbai police has requested the Andheri Magistrate Court persmission to put Suraj through controversial test, this is has let too many confusion as Suraj hasn’t committed any crimed equivalent to that of terrorists.

Lawyer UP Singh said that seeking narco analysis in such a weak case is not justified. He also said that, “The Supreme Court has clearly stated that such test have to be voluntary in nature. If Suraj decides against giving his consent, it cannot have any bearing on the trail process or prejudice police investigations. He might have his personal reasons not to go ahead with the tests. Such test should be used only to recover hidden incriminating material and cannot be used to seek a statement of confession from the accused during investigations.”

It is said that on Wednesday a police team went to Arthur Road Jail to meet Suraj with a memo but it seems that he has refused to give his assent without consulting his lawyer. On hearing this Suraj Mother Zarina Wahab said that, “What has my son done? Is he a criminal? Kya usne bomb blast kiya hai? How can they think of a narco test?”

Bombay high court will hear on Suraj Pancholi Bail Plea on July 1 and on the same day they will also hear the application for the narco-analysis test.


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