What Jiah Khan wrote to Suraj Pancholi

Few days ago Mumbai police recovered five letters from Suraj Pancholi’s residence which were written by Jiah Khan and was addressed to Suraj Pancholi. Of the 5 Letters two letters are reproduced below:

Again second set of two letters was recovered again by the police from jiah Khan Residence and they were written by Suraj Pancholi to Jiah and were extremely apologetic in nature.

The remaining letters are yet to be publicized.

Jiah’s letter in Suraj’s house with a signature

Dearest Suraj

 I know I have hurt you and hurt myself. I am deeply sorry from the depths of my heart. I promise myself, my family, my god that this side of me will and has completely disappeared. Being with you has been a blessing, it has opened my eyes to love, devotion and the real world. You have changed me and I thank you for that. You have been my savior, loving you has forced me into becoming happy, stable and secure. I finally see the light. You need to understand I am not the girl you saw that night. This right now is me. Loving, nurturing and understanding. I felt so insecure with you, but the love you showed me those two days has enlightened me. I might not get the opportunity to show you this but if can I will, I start by this simple gesture to all 3 of you.

 Thank you for being the most beautiful human being to me. I promise to only help you to get where you want to be and make your father and mother proud. You have helped me so much. I want to give you all in return. I know you are the only one for me. Whether as a husband, boyfriend, friend or plain acquaintance. I will always be yours. I have so much love to give. No more tears or sadness or pity or anger. The words you said to me after made sense. You’ve been my angel. Once again I apologise. I would like to open up to you about my past so you can understand me better. I finally feel like I am over my past demons.

Thank you

Yours Truly,


Jiah Khan letter to Suraj

Jiah Khan letter to Suraj


Jiah Khan letter to Suraj

Jiah Khan letter to Suraj

The text of another letter:

I am writing this to you because I don’t know how else to communicate with you. I care for you deeply and it hurts me to know you don’t trust me. I know you are young and I am very sensitive. I’m sorry, I can’t help it. When I love and care for someone I get very emotional. I never thought I would meet someone like you and feel the way I feel. You’ve given me so much excitement and happiness. At times though I feel like I am being taken for granted. I know you don’t mean it, but I wish you would show me more respect, love and appreciation. Its not much to ask. I’m an all or nothing kind of girl. When I give my heart, I give myself totally. I wish you would do the same. I would take care of you, and love you like no one ever has. I am deeply romantic and a genuine yet complex person

I will never hurt you or betray you. Please learn to trust me and give into me completely. All I ask of you is to make more of an effort like how you were when we first met, caring, sweet, emotional and addictive. I will never believe rumours about you, I will learn to trust you as well. Don’t try and make me jealous or cry. All I want is to love you and have beautiful days with you filled with happiness and excitement. The minute I feel insecure I close myself up. Take care of me, love me, I’m just a lost girl, but I feel safe with you. I am yours and hope to be for a long time. Open up to me baby, be my prince charming and sweep me off my feet. That’s all I can say to you. I’m sorry if you can’t read my writing I miss you already!


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