Jiah Khan Abortion confirmed by police

Police officials who recorded the statement of the doctors confirmed that “The abortion was conducted in the first two months of this year through pills”.

The police also confirms, that the six-page letter was not written in a day or two prior to Jiah Khan committing suicide, but over a period of time.

Additionally, the police have recovered five more letters from Sooraj Pancholi’s residence, three of which are romantic and the rest two voicing Jiah Khan’s discontent and discomfort over the relationship.

The letter had accused Sooraj Pancholi of rape, threats and cheating and Sooraj Pancholi is currently in police custody and will be produced at court

The post-mortem report on Jiah Khan reveals that no marks apart from those on her neck, were found on the 25-year-old’s body, says Mumbai Police. The report also said no traces of alcohol or drugs were found.

Jiah Khan - Suraj Panchooli


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