Salman Khan gets fitness guide from Aamir Khan

We all know that Salman Khan has been struggling with his nerve disorder and is undergoing treatment for some time now.

Despite the fact he is recovering, one of the Bollywood celebrity started to share his concern over Salman’s health much his Khan-daan. Can you guess who could it be? Well it’s none other than a very close friend of Salman, Aamir Khan.

The entire Bollywood know about their relation, it has also been noted in many occasions how Aamir speak about Salman Khan Marriage and his settlement in life.


But this time Aamir has move a step forward to share his fitness tips with this good friend.

In recent times two close friends were seen at the same shooting vicinity and found Aamir paid a visit to his friend.

On meeting him Aamir found his friend unfit as he is just now recovering from illness. So to get Bhai back to the normal health condition Aamir shared some of his fitness tips with him.

We hope that this Health Guide will help Khan to recover from his illness fast and to regain his old physique…

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